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About Papa Fred

Papa Fred SabangHello,

32 years ago I traveled for the first time to the Philippines and loved the country and it’s beauty.

Subsequently I traveled the Philippines up and down for years and then fell in love with a lovely Filipina who I later married, and later bought an undeveloped piece of land in Sinandigan, Puerto Galera.

Doing nothing was too boring for me, so I built a nice little hotel with a restaurant. After a short while “Sinandigan Lodge” was becoming well known and many people came to us for the excellent food. My exerience as a butcher and cook put me in good standing.

After 20 years running Sinandigan Lodge, I sold the hotel and restaurant to take a break and rest. That went well for a while but the boredom overtook me and I wnted to do something again.

By chance I found a place to rent in Villa Sabang, where I opened the new “Villa Sabang Restaurant” with my friend Wolfgang Martin as my business partner.

Unfortunately after only one year, the land owner sold the hotel and we had to get out. Luckily we found a new place easily enough, and opened “Hemmingways Bistrot”, which quickly became very successful and well known as the best restaurant in Sabang. After two years at Hemmingways, I decided to I wanted to do something new, and with the support of my longtime friend and partner Mike Geissler, we opened the former “Le Bistrot” as our new restaurant “Papa Fred’s”

Papa Fred’s has a terrace a lovely terrace extending over the beach with lovely views of the sea, and has become widely regarded as the best restaurant in Sabang.

Our restaurant offers traditional European, German, Filipino and International cuisine, at the highest quality and with great value for money.

We look forward to you joining us at Papa Fred’s!

Warm regards,

Papa Fred.