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Papa Fred’s Famous Beef Steaks

Your choice of side dishes which includes:

Boiled/fried potatoes, mashed potatoes, swiss rösti, french fries, noodles or spätzle.

All dishes served with your choice of:

Creamy pepper sauce, cream mushroom sauce, red wine sauce, sauce bernaise garlic or herb butter, fried onions.

Beef Tenderloin:
± 200g / ± 300g / ± 400g

Imported beef tenderloin, The tenderloin is an oblong shape spanning two primal cuts: the short loin and the sirloin. The tenderloin sits beneath the ribs, next to the backbone.

Beef Tenderloin Chateaubriand:
± 500g / ± 600g / ± 700g / ± 1000g

Large piece of imported beef tenderloin 1.785 Php/around 600g served with our homemade sauce Béarnaise.

Fillet Mignon:
± 200g / ± 300g / ± 400g

Smoked bacon wrapped imported beef tenderloin, the most tender beef cut. Lean yet succulent, elegant and convenient. Buttery texture, subtle flavor and compact shape, served with garlic/herb butter.

Rib Eye Steak: CAB Certified Angus Beef ® ± 340g / ± 450g

A rib steak minus the bone. Fine-grained steak. rich, beefy flavorful. Juicy with generous marbling throughout. One of the most tender beef cuts, served with homemade garlic/herb butter.

T-Bone Steak: CAB Certified Angus beef ® around 480g

Combines two lean, tender steaks, consists of both top loin (strip) and tenderloin steaks, connected by a tell-tale T-shaped bone. If diameter of tenderloin is smaller than golf ball, it’s usually considered a T-bone, served with homemade garlic/herb butter.

Food Photos – Samples from all menus

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